Why Going to the Dentist can Be a Rewarding Activity

Admittedly, most people don’t immediately think of the word “rewarding” when they think about going to the dentist. In truth, most people probably consider that going to the dentist is more nerve-wracking than anything else. So, what could happen in a trip to your dental practitioner that would cause you to leave feeling not only rewarded, but even happy that you went? The answer is an easy one: lots of things!

While there are many reasons to feel rewarded from maintaining your oral health, teeth are as different as the people who are having them cleaned. As such, what feels rewarding to one person may not be motivating for someone else. That being said though, we feel confident that by the time you’ve read through our list of reasons we will have touched on at least one that you can relate to! The rewards of taking care of your teeth can be divided into larger groupings and broken down to what really matters most to each individual. This list is just a stepping stone to get you started!

Healthy Teeth

While this category mostly speaks for itself, it is arguably one of the biggest incentives. Anyone who has been to the dentist knows the feeling of having teeth that have been checked over, brushed, flossed, and then polished to perfection. Your teeth never feel better or cleaner than they do when you leave the dentist. Your breath feels fresher, your smile is brighter – it feels like everyone you see or speak to after you leave your appointment HAS to notice how gorgeous your teeth look. Not to mention how strong and capable your ivories feel: like you could bite through anything, no problem. Routine visits to your dental practitioner will keep your teeth feeling this way for a lifetime – you’ll be flashing your pearly whites at your great-great-grandchildren while they beg for your secret to having such healthy teeth!

A Sense of Accomplishment

For some people, checking off a routine visit to the oral hygienist is as satisfying as getting a haircut every six weeks is. The bi-annual trip to the dentist is as much a part of their wellness routine as a yearly checkup with their primary physician to secure overall health, a monthly pedicure to maintain nail strength, or a weekly trip to the grocery store for food to nourish them. The rewarding feeling comes from more than just the satisfaction of checking another routine appointment off the list. There is no comparison for the peace of mind you receive when your dentist gives your teeth another clean bill of health. Add to that the validation of hearing that you’ve kept your teeth beautiful and healthy for the last six months and you have every reason to look forward to your next appointment!

Reduction in Pain

Most of us fear the dentist because we associate the trip with pain. But the truth is, if you’re seeing your dental practitioner routinely, it is far less likely that you will experience any issues with your teeth that could cause you any pain. If you do experience an issue that requires correction, (a cavity, having a tooth pulled, or another form of oral surgery), in most cases, the issue is going to cause you more pain by not having it corrected than the procedure to fix it would. While this may seem unlikely, oral surgery has come such a long way from where it first started out. Many procedures are done right in the office and are as minimally invasive as possible. Recovery times are faster, post-op pain and bleeding have been greatly reduced, and most of the things we are afraid of are just a thing of the past. Why live with the constant, daily pain of a toothache when thirty easy minutes in the office having a cavity filled could take all of that pain away?

Oral Confidence

We have all been self-conscious about our teeth at one time or another. Whether it’s something big like crooked teeth in need of braces, or whether it's something small like the ever-present question of, “Do I have something in my teeth?” we want to be confident about our teeth. Routine visits to the dentist make this dream an easily attainable reality. Dentists are just like any other doctor – they are there to help you have the best quality of life possible, and in their line of work, that means helping you to achieve the beautiful, healthy, clean teeth that you desire.

With so many reasons to pamper your teeth, why deny yourself? Give yourself every reason to go out into the world and smile with abandon and with the confidence of knowing that your teeth have never been healthier. You only get the one set of adult teeth once, so reward your teeth and mouth for all of the hard work they put in for you throughout the year with a quick trip to the dentist for some well-deserved dental care!

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Dr. Amanda McMurphy was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. She completed her education at the Universityof Mississippi Medical Center, where she earned her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry and received the "Best of Prosthodontics" award. She is married to a local of Biloxi, MS, and they have a daughter.
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Dr. McMurphy, Biloxi, MS

Dr. Amanda McMurphy was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. She completed her education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where she earned her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry and received the “Best of Prosthodontics” award. She is married to a local of Biloxi, MS, Austin McMurphy, he is a Pediatric Dentist at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, and they have a daughter by the name of Sloan.

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