Scheduled Trips to the Dentist –
Not Something to Miss Out On

You might be thinking, “If I’m not in pain, if I’m brushing and flossing like I’m supposed to be, and if I don’t have any concerns at the moment, why would I spend the time or money going to the dentist twice a year?” You certainly wouldn’t be alone if you were thinking something along those lines. Unfortunately, many people avoid their routine dental appointments in favor of only going to their dentist when they sense a problem. This approach is a mistake, as such individuals are unaware of just how important it is to practice preventative oral health instead of just running damage control when things go south in your mouth.

It's More than Just a Cleaning

Going to the dentist twice a year isn’t just about having your teeth cleaned by a professional who has extra tools at their disposal to get those “hard to reach” spots. At your routine appointments, not only will the dental hygienist clean your teeth, but your dentist will have the opportunity to look for any warning signs of imminent issues such as cavities, gum disease, cracks in your teeth, or even a strain of cancer. The earlier your dentist is able to detect these problems, the more effectively they are able to help resolve the problem or even stop it from developing.

To that end, seeing the same dentist twice a year with consistency will put your practitioner in familiar territory when they look into your mouth. The reason that can be helpful and important is that once they are familiar with you, your primary oral healthcare physician will notice even small changes in your mouth, teeth, and/or gums – anything out of the ordinary in your mouth will immediately gain their attention. This is just another way to detect any issues early on, hopefully giving both you and your dentist plenty of time to act on those issues before they get out of hand.

A Trip to the Dentist is a Time to Regroup and Take Inventory of Those Pearly Whites

Your team of oral healthcare professionals can also give you advice on how to prevent things such as cavities and gum disease with ease. We all know the sales pitch about how important it is to brush twice a day and make sure that you floss, but did you know that your diet can also affect the healthiness of your teeth? The foods that you eat, the fluids that you drink, and your home dental care routine can make a huge difference in the health of your teeth and gums. Your dentist will be able to help you lean towards foods that will boost your oral wellness, and at that same time avoid foods that put you at a higher risk of diseases or a breakdown of your teeth. Your dentist will even give you simple, easy to follow advice on how to take better care of your chompers!

Gum disease, in particular, can get out of hand quickly if your teeth are not being monitored by a professional. While your teeth have a tendency to be very “vocal” about any distress that they might be under, your gums will suffer silently and often without any symptoms at all. As hard as that is to believe, the tissue in your gums can actually detach from your teeth without you feeling any kind of pain. As part of your routine checkup, your dentist and dental hygienist will evaluate the condition of your gums to be sure that there is no deterioration of the tissue or any other concerns before a situation becomes irreversible.

Dentists Offer an “Extra Hand”

Some of the most painful of tooth problems and expensive procedures needed to correct them come from damage that you inflict, again, without much pain (at first) and without you being aware that you’re causing any damage at all. The reason for this is simple. You can’t control what you do when you’re asleep. Unfortunately, cracked teeth are a real problem in today’s society, especially when it comes to adults.

Cracked teeth can be caused by a number of things, but the most common causes are the clenching or grinding of your teeth in your sleep. You won’t even know that you’re doing it, but your dentist definitely will. Your teeth will tell the story with very clear warning signs, but rather than having to fix a cracked or broken tooth, your dentist will usually be able to help you correct the problem and protect your teeth with a solution that's as simple as wearing a night-guard while you sleep.

At the End of the Day, Time Spent at the Dentist is Time Well Spent

While it may feel redundant and unnecessary to visit the dentist twice a year when you’re doing all of the right things to care for your teeth, it’s really important to remember that most oral health issues aren’t caused by not brushing your teeth twice a day. You could brush your teeth three times a day and still end up with cavities, cracked teeth, or oral cancer. The good news is, you have the ability to prevent all of these things and more by spending an hour or two a year with someone who is always in your mouth’s corner: your dentist! So don’t put off those semi-annual visits – we promise, your mouth will thank you for it.

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Dr. Amanda McMurphy was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. She completed her education at the Universityof Mississippi Medical Center, where she earned her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry and received the "Best of Prosthodontics" award. She is married to a local of Biloxi, MS, and they have a daughter.
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Dr. McMurphy, Biloxi, MS

Dr. Amanda McMurphy was born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. She completed her education at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, where she earned her Doctorate of Medical Dentistry and received the “Best of Prosthodontics” award. She is married to a local of Biloxi, MS, Austin McMurphy, he is a Pediatric Dentist at Pediatric Dental Specialists in Biloxi and Ocean Springs, and they have a daughter by the name of Sloan.

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